We're a lifeline for pregnant women during the pandemic

Added by
Celia Suppiah
on 13th August 2020

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“I couldn’t have done it alone. It was so nice having someone to hold my hand and be there for me during a scary time”

We know how important it is to reduce stress during pregnancy, birth and post birth. Peer support is informal and friendly and can be a lifeline to isolated pregnant women. Peer support sits alongside public services, offering something uniquely personal that complements but is different to support provided by professionals. They have such an important role to play...

This is just one of many examples of how one of our peer supporters helped an isolated pregnant woman during the pandemic…

It was her first baby. She had no family nearby and her husband was stranded in Pakistan and couldn’t get back due to Covid-19. Her peer supporter was there for her during the pregnancy supporting her over the phone and helping her to prepare for the birth.

“I had phone calls every week which was nice as I couldn’t go out due to Covid. She helped me join the virtual groups for pregnant mums too. She helped so much; it made a big difference to my pregnancy”

When she went into labour, the hospital staff agreed for the peer supporter to be by her side throughout as she had no-one to be with her…

"She especially helped during the birth so I wasn’t alone. She was caring, understanding and nothing was too much trouble! She helped me post birth too. She took clothes and nappies up to the hospital and visited me even though it was the weekend”

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