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Coronavirus - how can we support pregnant, vulnerable women virtually?

Added by
Nicole Ranaweera
on 16th March 2020

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As the coronavirus situation unfolds it is likely that new ways of working will need to be explored to ensure we still continue to provide valuable support to pregnant mums. 

What strategies or ideas do you have to ensure peer support continues once social distancing or isolation becomes necessary?

Idea #1. Added by Rachel Redfearn | 1 wk ago

We at the Isle of Dogs are working on using our existing Facebook page to create another Private hub which will be a closed group where pregnant and new mums can support each other during this time with us moderating the group

We are working on it this week but may post our Excersise classes using Zoom . Our Instructor will be to be able to see the women exercising and the women already signed up and screened can excersise safely .

We hope then that we can host watch parties as well, inviting women to reach out for one to one support and sharing stories.

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Comment added by Charlotte Pace | 1 wk ago

We need to get really good at remote working. I have been looking at different ways to run workshops remotely, I am sure some of those methods could apply in this context - online conversations, setting tasks, posting here....

Rachel Redfearn | 1 wk ago |

Would be interested to hear more about this. Its day One in the 'work from home house!' Ive just video called 2 volunteers who are video calling their mums! We are looking at setting up a Direct chat on our Community Parents facebook page to try and reach more mums who may be 'suffering in silence' atm. Will keep you posted. Its a learning curve!

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