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This website is a space to find, connect and collaborate with other practitioners, volunteers, commissioners, funders and parents.

We’ve uploaded over 3000 of our own documents that have been developed for the entire operation of a volunteer peer support programme that starts in pregnancy, offers birth partner support, and continues during the early months of becoming a parent. These are available to adapt, share and use to help support or inform your own practice – for free!

As part of this community we hope you will join us by sharing your resources too and contribute to the shaping of new ideas.

We want existing programmes to flourish through sharing what works, and we want those creating new programmes to hit the ground running".

Celia Suppiah, Founder

Peer supporter, Dad and Baby


How to begin

The site is designed for anyone and everyone involved in the early stages of planning and designing a peer support programme through to setting up or delivering well-established programmes.

So to get the best out of this site it’s important to identify where you are on your journey.

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Get expert support and guidance

Many great volunteer initiatives are conceived with noble aspirations. However, all too often they don’t achieve the outcomes they hope for. Many are unsustainable over time, either due to lack of continued investment, policy or even workforce changes.  Volunteering is often commissioned as an ‘add-on’ rather than being embedded into the landscape of the local ‘system’.

We know that getting a peer support programme off the ground can be really daunting. It is difficult to know where to start. We want to make this as easy as possible by guiding you through each stage of the journey. We also know that those on the ground already delivering programmes often want opportunities to meet others to share knowledge, experiences and resources.

Whatever stage of the journey you're on, this community is here to help.

Search the members directory and start building relationships and sharing experiences with others.

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