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Workshops for expectant dads

Added by
Nicole Ranaweera
on 16th March 2020

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  • South Essex (affiliate)

Everything is centered around the mum. A lot of men don't know what to expect, or where to go if they have questions.

Dads have told us that they would like to meet up with other dads and would like more information about pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent.

I'd like information about the simple things.... How to bath baby safely, feeding, changing nappies etc.


Parents 1st Essex have developed some workshops for expectant dads in Basildon, Canvey Island and Thurrock, which cover the following topics;

Relaxation for you and your partner. (A session for you both)

  • Benefits of relaxation during labour and birth;
  • Breathing techniques;
  • Positions for labour and birth;
  • Simple massage techniques.

Labour and birth. (Dads only)

  • What happens during the different stages of labour;
  • Awareness of how your partner may respond to her contractions;
  • Looking at practicalities during the weeks leading up to the birth.

Changes ahead and Practical baby care (Dads only)

  • Prepare for changes you may experience as a new dad;
  • Explore the impact a new baby can have on a relationship;
  • Address concerns you may have i.e. financial, coping with tiredness, work/family life.
  • Gain an understanding of emotional wellbeing and what support is available locally.
  • Nappy changing, bathing and safe-sleeping
  • Feeding and winding

Each workshop lasts for 2 hours and you would benefit by attending all of them, when your partner is about 30 weeks pregnant.

Check out the Parents 1st Essex events page for the next expectant dads workshops in your area.

Accessing Workshops for expectant dads

These workshops are available to dads living in Basildon, Thurrock and Canvey Island
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Provided by Parents 1st Essex

Contact name
Olivia Shaw
Email address
01268525758  /  01268525758

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