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Added by
Nicole Ranaweera
on 13th May 2020

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  • An academic
  • A volunteer
  • A statutory provider
  • A peer support programme leader
  • A parent
  • A funder of VCSE organisations
  • A field practitioner
  • A commissioner of early years services

Whether you're a peer support professional, funder, commissioner, volunteer or parent we'd like to warmly welcome you to this online community and hope that you find this website a useful space to learn and share ideas.

Please introduce yourself below - tell us where you're from and what you do...

Comment added by Celia Suppiah | 2 months ago

Hi - I'm Celia CEO at Parents 1st. I hope you like this new website. We want it to be a shared space where everyone involved in peer support during pregnancy, birth and beyond shares their thoughts and ideas... what's going on in your community? Could you share something that would be of interest to others? We know that peer support and volunteering during this crucial time has something unique and really special to offer... so lets speak out, celebrate it and let others know. Join us and be part of the journey!

Comment added by Rachel Redfearn | 2 months ago

Hi My name is Rachel Redfearn. I have had the privilege of setting up and running the Pregnancy Peer Support Programme on the Isle of Dogs, Tower Hamlets, London since 2012.
You may see me on other parts of this site but I just want to say that setting up a programme like this, which helps other people to help other people in such an empowering way, is a fantastic opportunity!
And here you have a map already laid out for you!
The flavour and some of the ingredients that make up a great peer support programme are; a passion for empowering peer support, an unashamed love for people and a desire to keep their needs at the heart of things, a relational family approach, connections with the right people ( or knowing where to go to make these connections) and a fair amount of stamina!
Blessings on your endeavours!

Comment added by Mandy Evans | 2 months ago

Hi and welcome everyone, I'm Mandy and I am the Parents1st UK administrator. I am very much looking forward to you all joining this website and creating a community where everyone shares their ideas, resources, experiences and thoughts in order to support others during pregnancy, birth and beyond. If you would like any assistance with anything on this website then please do not hesitate to contact me at and I will be very happy to help you.

Comment added by shelleymcb | 2 months ago

This platform could not have come at a better time - it is so helpful to have access to all of these amazing resources in one place, and to learn from others about their experiences of how they have made it work for their own communities! Thank you for your hard working pulling all of this together :)

Comment added by Candyce Prevett | 2 months ago

Hi! My name is Candyce and I am one of two Perinatal Peer Support Workers appointed by Southern Health Foundation Trust. I work with the Perinatal Community Mental Health Team. It is a brand new role which is very exciting as it provides plenty of scope to develop the role and what we can offer to families. I am passionate about using my life experience and skills to support others in their recovery. We are looking at developing closed groups for Mum's under our care and also to support groups in the community who can support them once they have been discharged.

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