Celia has developed a network for Community Parent Programmes in England, Wales and Scotland. The support she has developed for Community Parent Programmes has been very much needed. Through Celia’s research work Community Parent Programmes across the UK have had the opportunity to take part in a National Evaluation.

Development of nationally accredited training means that individual programmes can support one another for verification purposes and the role of a Community Parent gets nationally recognised.

Pam Woodward
Community Parent Coordinator Furness Community Parents

Who we are

Parents 1st is the trading name for Strengths in Communities CIC.   Strengths in Communities is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in October 2008. 

We are a company limited by shares. As a CIC we are legally required to invest any profits back into the organisation and not distribute them to shareholders.Our profits and assets are used for the benefit of parents, particularly those who may be disadvantaged as a result of social, health or educational issues. We promote strong parent-to-parent community networks.

In 2009 we were awarded a 3-year DH Third Sector Investment Grant (Excellence Strand) to disseminate the Community Parent concept across the UK. In 2010 we were also awarded a 2-year Social Enterprise Investment Fund grant to enable our products and services to grow and develop.

Parents 1st is an approved City & Guilds accreditation centre which enables Community Parent volunteers across the country to gain national qualifications. We have an experienced management board, a team of UK Community Parent Programme coordinators that oversee the national dissemination strategy, specialist external evaluators, and a team of affiliated experienced trainers, A1 assessors and internal verifiers.

In 2010 we became one of six national Transforming Early Years Projects funded by NESTA and the Innovation Unit. Working in partnership with One Plus One Marriage and Partnership Research Charity the project refocuses resources towards earlier intervention during pregnancy, birth and post birth using peer support and modelling positive relationships with families.