'I found the course extremely useful, I've loved every minute of it!'

'Enjoyed it. It was informative, helpful, insightful and motivating'.

“The course has made me realise that the community in which you live... it’s really important to be aware... I’ve never really felt part of my community. It’s going to be really good to work alongside like-minded people and to gradually be part of the change... that anything is possible.”

Me and My Community Course students

The 'Me and My Community' course

Developed and tested out with Community Parent Programmes across the country, this unique 10-session course is ideal for recruiting new volunteers. It provides an informal pathway into becoming a parent peer supporter and is suitable for a variety of supervised centre based settings such as a children’s centre, Healthy Child Programme or extended school.

Having built initial confidence participants can progress onto further training e.g. Community Parent Home Visitor, Breastfeeding Supporter, Pregnancy Pal or Birth Buddy roles. Individual mentoring assists participants to decide their chosen option. An accredited learning activity from the City & Guilds 3599 Award in Work with Parents is included to encourage confidence and progression.

Part 1 focuses on self-awareness and reflection recognising their existing skills, talents and potential. It also assists them to recognise and manage stress for themselves and others. Fun activities enable them to practice assertive communication and negotiation skills.

Part 2 focuses on the needs of their community and opportunities for becoming involved exploring local opportunities hearing ‘stories from the community’. They are encouraged to write a personal plan for the future.

Part 3 prepares them to carry out a peer support volunteering role in a centre based setting focusing on: the boundaries and responsibilities; confidentiality; sharing information; health and safety; listening skills; safeguarding children; equality and diversity; life challenges; complaints procedures; and reflecting on their own support needs.

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