“I chose to have a doula with me during my labour as I felt the constant support of someone who had experienced birth would be beneficial.  I was not wrong and afterwards vowed never to birth without a doula and also to become a doula!   My doula was amazing and invaluable for many reasons but what I loved was that she believed in a woman's body and ability to birth and this increased my trust and confidence in my own body. She was a constant presence and support, she didn't have to run off to help anyone else, she was there just for me (and my hubby!) - we had become comfortable with each other prior to the birth. She knew my hopes and helped me focus on them and she knew my fears and helped me let go of them - I could trust her and she made me feel safe and special. She had wonderful relaxation techniques that really did make me feel more comfortable during labour. I really hope to bring all the above qualities to any family that I support so that they too have the best pregnancy and birth they can possibly have and the best start in life together.”

Jane Strutt
Birth Buddy mum to Samuel aged 3

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If you are interested in becoming a Pregnancy Pal or Birth Buddy, it is important to think about what is involved and whether you could commit to carrying out the role.

Please note that at present we are only funded to recruit new volunteers who live in the Basildon and Canvey Island area but we hope to be able to expand soon.

There are lots of things to consider so please browse our website further to decide whether it might be for you. The time commitment can vary from week to week depending on the needs of the expectant parents you will be supporting.  If you decide you would like to express an interest in being a Pregnancy Pal or Birth Buddy, you can fill out an enquiry form or simply contact us.

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We offer a service that we feel can help bridge the gap between parents-to-be and professionals. Our aim is to enable you to experience the best possible pregnancy and to feel confident as a new parent by supporting you through pregnancy, birth and 6 weeks after your baby is born.

If you feel you could benefit from our service or want further information then please continue to browse our website.  If you then decide you would like a Pregnancy Pal or Birth Buddy, you can fill out a self-referral or simply contact us.