"I was quite anxious about the whole birthing process and what it involved especially having had a previous Caesarean Section.  My Birth Buddy took it upon herself to make sure all my questions and concerns were addressed...  What actually blew me away was my Birth Buddy's attitude when labour set in... I saw a sister and a best friend in her, who stood by me through it all.  I drew strength from her positivity, words and most of all the overall support she provided.  Many thanks, keep up the good work".

A parent in Thurrock


There are so many benefits to having a Pregnancy Pal, Birth Buddy or Practical Parent Pal:

Someone to…

  • Offer you emotional and practical support before and after the baby is born
  • Go to hospital appointments or antenatal classes with you
  • Share useful information with you, and help you to feel confident
  • Be ‘in your corner’ helping you to prepare for the birth and being a parent
  • Be with you during labour and birth which can make it a more positive experience
  • Once you have had your baby our parents 1st volunteers can introduce you to your local children’s centre and other useful groups and services.