“The reason why I became a Birth Buddy was so that I could give support to mums to be in such an important and special moment in their life. Being a young mum myself I understand how other young mums may feel. Just knowing they are not alone reassures and builds their confidence. I enjoy knowing I am helping others within our community which to me is priceless”.

Sophie Myner
Birth Buddy and mum to Archie 2 and Lottie 8 months


Our aims are to:

  • Offer excellent support to parents-to-be and new parents
  • Ensure that we are giving the right level of support to suit individual needs
  • Help parents feel confident in their abilities to become a parent
  • Assist volunteers to gain knowledge, support each other and have an enjoyable group learning experience
  • Be understood and valued as a Pregnancy Pal, Birth Buddy or Practical Parent Pal within the community
  • Work closely with professionals such as midwives, doctors, and health visitors
  • Recognise any worries or concerns about our service and that there is always room for improvement.