I am one of the Co-ordinators of Community Mums (Scotland). Our organisation is the first Community Mothers Project in Scotland. Through Celia Suppiah’s support and guidance, we have been able to establish a pilot project in our area. Celia has encouraged and supported us and allowed our organisation to fully benefit from their well-established and developed materials, training packages and expertise. Celia has also arranged for our organisation to attend workshops and events which have been invaluable in assisting us in furthering our programme.

Pauline Johnston
Community Mums (Scotland)


The following publications are available for purchase:

The Parents 1st Breast - start manual

Eye catching, colourful, and informative cartoon-based talking tools to encourage positive discussions about breastfeeding. These resources provide excellent volunteer training tools. They can be used for a variety of breastfeeding promotion activities and are intended to be shared by peer supporters with expectant and new parents to support them on their breastfeeding journey. 
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Breast - start visit forms

The form provides a guide through key stages of a support visit including how each parent is feeling; the wellbeing of the baby; breast comfort; healthy eating; rest and relaxation; and any worries or concerns. The last section of the form encourages the Breastfeeding Supporter to reflect on the visit afterwards; identifying any issues to discuss with the coordinator; and planning any further support. 
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Breast - start mini-packs

Also available are mini-packs for peer supporters to leave with mothers. These give mothers and their partners the chance to reflect on their sessions with their peer supporter, and to share them with family and friends. The mini-packs mirror the range of cartoons included in the Breast-start manual. 
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'Me and My Community' course facilitator guide

This equips experienced front-line practitioners with everything they need to deliver a10-session “Me and My Community” course .The course is an excellent recruitment pathway for parents who are interested in taking the first step into volunteering. Having built their confidence and identified their own strengths and skills they can then move onto further training such as becoming a Breastfeeding Supporter, Pregnancy Pal or Birth Buddy.
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Research Report - 'A Collective Evaluation of Community Parent Programmes'

This extensive and in depth 16 chapter research report offers invaluable insights to practitioners and commissioners into how a successful UK Community Parent Programme works in practice. Ten Community Parent Programmes operating across England, Wales and Scotland participated in the 2-year study including 456 parents and 105 Community Parent volunteers. The study was funded by the Health Foundation and sponsored by South West Essex NHS Research Consortium.
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