I am one of the Co-ordinators of Community Mums (Scotland). Our organisation is the first Community Mothers Project in Scotland. Through Celia Suppiah’s support and guidance, we have been able to establish a pilot project in our area. Celia has encouraged and supported us and allowed our organisation to fully benefit from their well-established and developed materials, training packages and expertise. Celia has also arranged for our organisation to attend workshops and events which have been invaluable in assisting us in furthering our programme.

Pauline Johnston
Community Mums (Scotland)

Breast-start Visit Forms

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This 2-sided A4 sheet is specifically designed for Breastfeeding Supporters to use with mothers during a breastfeeding support visit. It is a useful and informal ‘tool’ for opening up a conversation about breastfeeding. Shared openly with the mother, it assists the Breastfeeding Supporter to gain a clearer understanding and helps the mother to reflect on how the breastfeeding is going.

Cartoon illustrated prompts keep the visit on track by assisting the Breastfeeding Supporter and the mother to consider important issues that affect breastfeeding in a systematic way. The prompts encourage informal discussion and offer useful reminders and 'points to consider'.

The form provides a guide through key stages of a support visit including how each parent is feeling; the wellbeing of the baby; breast comfort; healthy eating; rest and relaxation; and any worries or concerns. The last section of the form encourages the Breastfeeding Supporter to reflect on the visit afterwards; identifying any issues to discuss with the coordinator; and planning any further support.

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