I am one of the Co-ordinators of Community Mums (Scotland). Our organisation is the first Community Mothers Project in Scotland. Through Celia Suppiah’s support and guidance, we have been able to establish a pilot project in our area. Celia has encouraged and supported us and allowed our organisation to fully benefit from their well-established and developed materials, training packages and expertise. Celia has also arranged for our organisation to attend workshops and events which have been invaluable in assisting us in furthering our programme.

Pauline Johnston
Community Mums (Scotland)

Breast-start mini-packs

These economical mini-packs contain easy to use booklets which are ideal for peer supporters to share and then leave with families. They can also be used for a range of other breastfeeding promotion activities. The booklets mirror the range of cartoons included in the Breast-start manual. The colourful illustrations give mothers and their partners the chance to reflect on a breastfeeding support interaction and the key issues that were discussed.

Each mini-pack is an eight page A5 booklet.

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Four different mini-packs are available to order separately to meet your training requirements:

Mini Pack 1

Mini-pack 1: -Useful information and why breast is best

The booklets in this mini-pack are useful to share during pregnancy.

  • Useful tips, handy hints and reminders about breastfeeding in the early days
  • The importance of exclusive breastfeeding
  • Different reasons why babies may cry in the early days
  • Breastfeeding and smoking
  • The choice is yours – but did you know? (Benefits of breastfeeding to both mother and baby)
  • Breastfeeding – something special (the advantages of breastfeeding compared to bottle feeding)
  • A routine childhood immunisation programme guide

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Mini Pack 2

Mini-pack 2: – Breastfeeding – it's easy when you know how

The booklets in this mini-pack are useful when breastfeeding is being established.

  • Getting started: handy hints about important aspects of successful breastfeeding for baby's first week
  • A little patience reaps rewards: the importance of good positioning and partners' support
  • Relax and get comfortable: comfortable and effective positions for breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding, not nipple feeding: establishing the right technique
  • Feeding often is normal in the early days
  • Soup, main course and dessert! (Foremilk and hind milk and how mum can help baby get the most benefit from a feed)
  • Easing sore nipples
  • What causes sore nipples

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Mini Pack 3

Mini-pack 3: Family and friends and Returning to work

The booklets in this mini-pack are useful for the wider family and continuing to breastfeed when returning to work.

  • Partners and breastfeeding (specifically aimed at fathers)
  • Everyone can play a part (aimed at families and friends)
  • Cuddle power (the importance of reassuring cuddles
  • Skin-to-skin benefits
  • Going back to work
  • Breastfeeding at work

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Mini Pack 4

Mini-pack 4: Avoiding problems

The booklets in this mini-pack are useful for avoiding common breastfeeding difficulties.

  • Is it nipple thrush?
  • Treating nipple thrush
  • Preventing nipple thrush
  • Early signs of mastitis
  • Treating mastitis
  • Preventing mastitis
  • Avoiding overfull breasts

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